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Brick Kiln Lane

Case Study 2023

Customer Background

Referred by a family connection, the client approached us with a clear objective: to significantly cut down on electricity costs.

The Challenge

Rising electricity bills are a common concern among homeowners. Our client at Brick Kiln Lane was no exception and sought a sustainable solution that not only curbed energy expenses but also provided a reliable alternative to grid dependency.

Our Approach

Upon an in-depth discussion of the client’s objectives and a meticulous property survey, we proposed a comprehensive solar solution. The decision was to install a robust system, tailored specifically for the client’s residential energy requirements. The system components included:

Solar PV Panels

x23 Jinko Tiger Neo 430W, offering high-efficiency energy conversion.


A SolarEdge 8000W single phase Home-Wave inverter, renowned for its reliable performance.

Battery Storage

x2 SolarEdge 10kWh Home Storage Batteries, enabling energy independence by storing surplus power.

We estimated that the annual output of this system would be 3366.36 kWh. A total of x23 Panels at 430W gives us a system size of 9.89kWp.

The Solution

Battery storage emerged as a key component, allowing the client to retain the excess energy produced. With the average cost of importing electricity being significantly more expensive than exporting, the battery system offered an economically sound solution.

An essential step for a system exceeding 3.6kWp is to acquire connection approval from the grid. Our team efficiently managed this prerequisite, securing the necessary permissions without hassle for the client. Following approval, we promptly procured and stored all required equipment at our Leicestershire facility.

Aesthetic appeal was not sidelined; the sleek All-Black panels not only ensured efficiency but also complemented the property’s appearance. Further enhancing the system’s performance, SolarEdge Power Optimisers were installed. These devices mitigate issues commonly faced with panel shading or damage, where one impaired panel can compromise the output of the entire string. Power optimisers maintain the operation of unaffected panels, ensuring continuous and optimum energy production.

The Outcome

Our customised solar solution exemplifies our commitment to providing not only an energy-efficient system but also one that aligns with the economic and aesthetic considerations of our clients. The Brick Kiln Lane installation stands as a testament to our bespoke approach to sustainable energy solutions.

Committed to harnessing the power of the sun to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Leicestershire and beyond.

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Address: Unit 36 Ashby Road, Kegworth, Leicestershire, DE74 2DH

Get In Touch

Address: Unit 36 Ashby Road, Kegworth, Leicestershire, DE74 2DH