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Case Study 2024

Customer Background

The client is a residential homeowner with a strong focus on sustainability and a desire for energy independence. The client is interested in adopting advanced technologies and solutions that align with sustainable living practices. Key characteristics include a keen interest in renewable energy, a willingness to invest in long-term sustainable solutions.

Our Approach

The installation featured 14 high-efficiency Longi HiMo6 425W solar panels, known for their advanced PERC technology and exceptional performance. These panels were strategically placed on the client’s rooftop to maximise exposure to sunlight and optimise energy generation.

The heart of the solar PV system, the GivEnergy GEN3 5kW Hybrid inverter, seamlessly converts DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC power for immediate use. The hybrid functionality allows the system to intelligently switch between solar power, battery storage, and grid power, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy supply.

To enhance energy resilience and self-sufficiency, a GivEnergy 9.5kWh LiFePO4 Battery was integrated into the system. This intelligent battery storage solution captures excess solar energy during periods of high generation and stores it for later use during low sunlight or power outages. The LiFePO4 chemistry ensures long-lasting and safe energy storage.

NJR Solar Ltd conducted a thorough site assessment to determine the optimal panel placement and assess the structural integrity of the rooftop.

The x14 Longi HiMo6 425W panels were securely mounted on the roof using high-quality racking systems, taking into consideration the roof's orientation and tilt.

The GivEnergy GEN3 5kW Hybrid inverter and the GivEnergy 9.5kWh LiFePO4 Battery were strategically installed to maximise energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.


Energy Independence

The solar PV system has significantly reduced the homeowner's dependence on grid electricity, leading to increased energy independence and reduced reliance on conventional power sources.

Cost Savings

With the ability to generate and store clean energy, the homeowner has experienced substantial cost savings on their electricity bills. The system pays for itself over time through reduced utility expenses and potential government incentives


The hybrid nature of the system, coupled with battery storage, ensures uninterrupted power supply during grid outages. This enhanced resilience provides peace of mind and security for the homeowner.

Environmental Impact

The transition to solar power has contributed to a substantial reduction in the client's carbon footprint, aligning with their commitment to sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

The successful implementation of the 5.95kWp solar PV system, featuring Longi HiMo6 panels, GivEnergy GEN3 inverter, and GivEnergy LiFePO4 battery, exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can be harnessed to create a sustainable and resilient energy solution for residential clients. NJR remains committed to empowering individuals and communities to embrace renewable energy, fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

Committed to harnessing the power of the sun to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Leicestershire and beyond.

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