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Thimble Mill Close: A Solar Solution with Storage

Case Study 2023

Customer Background

A homeowner in Thimble Mill Close was seeking an effective way to reduce their electricity bills. They approached our company for a solution that would minimise their reliance on grid power and make their home more energy self-sufficient.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to design a system that could provide maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, especially during the longer nights of the winter season. Additionally, the system’s installation required prior approval due to its size, which exceeded the standard 3.6kWp.


After a thorough consultation period and exploring various design options, we determined that a combination of a battery system and solar panels would best meet the customer’s needs. The final installation consisted of:

Solar PV Panels

x19 Jinko Tiger Neo 430W panels


SolarEdge 8000W single-phase Home-wave inverter

Battery Storage

x2 SolarEdge 10kWh Home Storage Batteries

This setup provided a total system size of 8.17kWp, with an estimated annual output of 4868.38 kWh.


Energy Storage

The inclusion of home storage batteries enabled the homeowner to store excess energy produced during the day to use during the evening or less sunny periods, thus maximising the use of the energy generated.

Feed-in Tariff Optimisation

By storing and using more of their own energy, the homeowner could avoid selling excess electricity back to the grid at a lower tariff, resulting in increased savings.

Grid Approval Management

We facilitated a smooth transition by obtaining the necessary grid connection authorisation promptly, managing the process seamlessly for the customer

Aesthetics and Efficiency

The all-black panels provided an aesthetically pleasing look to the property. The installation of SolarEdge Power Optimisers ensured that any underperforming panel due to shade or damage would not affect the overall system efficiency.


The solar energy system with battery storage implemented for the Thimble Mill Close residence stands as a testament to how customised renewable energy solutions can lead to significant cost savings and enhanced energy independence for homeowners.

The equipment was stored at our central premises in Leicestershire after grid approval. The system was successfully installed and commissioned on the 30th June 2023.

Committed to harnessing the power of the sun to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Leicestershire and beyond.

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