Electric Vehicle Chargers
20% off Installation

Offer is valid until January 31st 2024

Unlimited Energy


Low Maintenance

Save Your Bills

Drive into the future

EV Charging Solutions in an era committed to sustainable growth, electric vehicles (EVs) are more than a trend, they’re a necessity. At NJR Solar, we’re thrilled to offer cutting-edge EV Charging Solutions tailored to residential, commercial and agricultural needs.


Say goodbye to the days of hunting for a public charging station. Charge your electric vehicle at your own property, whenever you need


Our state-of-the-art charging stations are built for rapid charging, so you can get back on the road faster


Designed to be robust and long-lasting, our charging stations come with the peace of mind that only experience can provide

Contact us for more information and to save 20% off EV Charing installation in January 2024

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Consultation & Site Assessment

Understanding the most strategic locations for your charging stations.

Tailored Solutions

Whether it's a single home charging point or multiple stations for a commercial complex, we’ve got you covered.

Qualified Installation

Carried out by our in-house team, ensuring that you receive a service that is timely and of the highest quality

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need

Residential Charging

Ideal for home-owners looking to transition to green transportation.

Commercial Charging

Take advantage of lower energy rates to store power and use it when rates are higher

Agricultural Charging

Equip your farm with the infrastructure it needs for a future of sustainable agricultural practices

Let’s work together​

With a commitment to quality and a focus on complete customer satisfaction, we don’t just install solar PV systems—we build long-term relationships.

Get started on your journey to a more sustainable future today. 

Contact NJR Solar for a free consultation.

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