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Gotham Memorial Hall

Case Study 2023

Customer Background

Gotham Memorial Hall, after suffering severe fire damage at the beginning of the year, underwent extensive refurbishment which included building a new roof. During this process, they decided to incorporate green energy solutions.

The Challenge

Gotham Memorial Hall’s  specific requirement was to adopt a green energy solution while maintaining a sleek look for the refurbished structure. This was critical in the customer’s vision for the renovated hall.

Our Approach

In response to the customer’s needs, our team proposed a GSE in-roof system. This system was chosen for its aesthetic appeal and functionality, aligning with the customer’s desire for a sleek look without compromising on energy efficiency.

The Solution

We installed x22 Jinko Tiger Neo 430W panels, paired with a Solax X3 G4 Hybrid inverter. This setup, with a total system size of 9.46kWp, was prepared for potential future expansion to include battery storage. The customer was pleased with the quotation for this solution and approved the commencement of roofing works.

The Outcome

The installation was successful, significantly enhancing the Hall’s energy efficiency and sustainability. The sleek design of the system seamlessly integrated with the building’s aesthetics, meeting the customer’s expectation for a modern and eco-friendly energy solution. Gotham Memorial Hall is now well-equipped for future expansion with battery storage, ensuring long-term sustainability and energy independence. The customer expressed high satisfaction with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the installation.

Committed to harnessing the power of the sun to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Leicestershire and beyond.

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Address: Unit 36 Ashby Road, Kegworth, Leicestershire, DE74 2DH

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Address: Unit 36 Ashby Road, Kegworth, Leicestershire, DE74 2DH