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John Ferneley

Case Study 2024

Customer Background

NJR Solar was called upon to address a critical issue with a large-scale solar PV system installed by another company. The 200-panel system had been offline for an extended period of two years due to a fault, resulting in a substantial loss of estimated energy production amounting to 89,224 kWh. NJR Solar took on the challenge to restore the system’s functionality and maximise its potential.

A building with solar panels on the roof, harnessing the power of the sun for energy.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge was addressing the prolonged downtime of the 200-panel system, which had resulted in a significant loss of potential energy generation. NJR Solar aimed to identify and rectify the underlying faults that led to the system’s inactivity and develop a robust solution for long-term performance monitoring.

Inverter Upgrade:

NJR Solar replaced the previous inverter with two state-of-the-art SolarEdge 3-phase 25,000W inverters. These inverters offer high efficiency and advanced features for optimal energy conversion

Optimised Performance:

To enhance the efficiency of individual panels and identify any potential issues, NJR Solar installed SolarEdge P801 Optimisers, pairing them with every two panels. This configuration allows for precise monitoring and optimisation of each panel's output.

Remote Monitoring System:

The SolarEdge monitoring platform was implemented to provide real-time insights into the system's performance. This remote monitoring system enables NJR Solar to proactively identify and address any faults, ensuring minimal downtime and maximising energy production.

Installation Process

- The installation of the SolarEdge 3-phase 25,000W inverters and SolarEdge P801 Optimizers was carried out systematically, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
- The remote monitoring system was configured to provide continuous oversight and immediate alerts in case of any anomalies


System Revival

NJR Solar successfully restored the 200-panel system to full functionality after two years of downtime, bringing it back into the renewable energy grid.

Increased Efficiency:

The integration of SolarEdge P801 Optimisers improved the overall efficiency of the system by optimising the output of each pair of panels.

Real-time Monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring platform allows NJR Solar to remotely monitor the system's performance, enabling prompt identification and resolution of any faults.

Potential Energy Recovery

With the system back online, the client has the opportunity to recover lost energy production, contributing to cost savings and sustainability goals.



Solar inverters and water pump mounted on a wall, harnessing renewable energy for efficient power generation


NJR Solar’s successful restoration of the 200-panel solar PV system showcases the company’s expertise in diagnosing and resolving complex issues. The incorporation of SolarEdge technology not only revived the system but also ensures ongoing efficiency and performance monitoring, aligning with NJR Solar’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge and reliable solar solutions for their clients.

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